Lesson Authors

        We are seeking high-quality Lesson Authors in English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish.

        Global LT is currently hiring Lesson Authors in English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish. Lesson Authors w rite and/or localize content that teaches individuals to speak, understand, and use the target language; most content is aimed at adults who need to use language in a business context. Work is supervised by a Curriculum Development Manager who provides overall curriculum plans as well as training and support (technical, editing, reviewing).   


        These are part-time, contract positions. The number of hours per week is negotiable and may vary. Contractors are expected to provide their own workspace, updated computer, and reliable internet connection.

        Contractors who show particular promise will be considered for full-time regular positions with additional editing, reviewing, and managerial duties as appropriate.  


        Roles & Responsibilities

        • Develop and/or localize creative, task-based lesson plans, presentations, handouts, and other materials that teachers require in order to deliver face-to-face, online or blended learning experiences.  

        • Develop engaging, effective, task-based language learning experiences that adhere to ACTFL standards   

        • Accept constructive criticism and be prepared to perform at least one or more drafts of content as requested by Curriculum Development Managers  

        • Create and deliver assignments according to deadlines  

        Required Qualifications, Education, and Experience

        • Bachelor’s degree in TESOL, world languages education or a related field  

        • Native or near-native written and spoken proficiency in the target language  

        • Experience teaching and/or developing educational content for adults learning a second language  

        • Experience working in the business world or teaching language in a business environment  

        • Expertise with task-based teaching and learning  

        • Experience with standards such as ACTFL or CEFR  

        • Ability to write creatively as well as adapt existing content for new purposes  

        • Adeptness with technology, including proficiency with standard word-processing, spreadsheet, presentation, and content management systems (akin to Microsoft Office)   

        • Commitment to prioritizing responsibilities in order to meet deadlines  

        • Strong verbal and written communication skills in English  

        • Good interpersonal and self-motivational skills  

        • Collaborative, team-oriented mindset  

        • Availability to work at least 10 hours per week, on average, for a period of several months

        Desirable Qualifications, Education, and Experience

        • Certificate or an advanced degree in TESOL/ESOL/TEFL/TESL, language teaching, education, instructional design, writing, language, linguistics, second-language acquisition, or related field

        • At least two years of experience teaching and/or developing curriculum for adults studying a language other than their native one

        • At least two years working or teaching language in a business environment, preferable during the past five years

        • Training and/or professional experience in translation and/or localization

        • Experience creating content to be delivered online

        • Experience teaching online

        • Availability to work 20 or more hours per week  

        Make a difference  with work that matters.